5 Ways to Stay Heart Healthy & Happy this February from a Boulder Chiropractor

5 Ways to Stay Heart Healthy & Happy this February!

5 Ways to Stay Heart Healthy & Happy this February from a Boulder Chiropractor

Valentine's Day is upon us and that brings our attention to your heart; both figuratively and literally! For some folks, February 14th might make you want to throw a shoe at the happy couples out there so here's a bit of heart-healthy advice that is centered completely on YOU! Here are 5 tips from your Boulder chiropractor to staying heart healthy and happy:

 1. Nix The Sugar!

We know that the shelves are lined with sweets and candy right now but sugar and insulin resistance are some of the biggest contributors to cardiovascular disease. Sugar causes inflammation and inflammation causes stress to your vascular system and therefore your heart. If you need a small cheat (it's all about balance), go for dark chocolate that is at least 70% cocoa or higher.

2. Get Out There And Move!

Get your blood flowing and your heart pumping. Your heart, just like any other muscle in your body needs to be exercised. This will also help flush out toxins that can contribute to additional vascular inflammation. And exercise is proven to boost your mood as well - yay!

3. Single?

Awesome! Being "self-partnered" comes with perks like not having to take care of anyone but you. Celebrate your badass self this month by doing something good for yourself and something that makes you happy😊!

4. Supplement!

It can be really difficult to get all the nutrients and vitamins you need strictly through diet. Heart-healthy supplements like Vitamin C, Co Q 10 and Magnesium are excellent options for cardiovascular support. Show your heart a little love with these little helpers!

5. Gratitude.

Be thankful for even the smallest things. Reach out to friends and family who are special to you and be grateful that they are in your life. Things can change in an instant (as we all know)! Research shows that gratitude is the key to psychological wellness and can significantly decrease inflammation in the body. Simply put, gratitude makes you happy and healthy.

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