5 Signs You May Have A Candida Problem In Boulder

5 Signs You May Have A
Candida Problem In Boulder

Concerned Woman with Candida in Boulder CO

When someone says Yeast Infection your mind may go straight to one of those “things” that only women have to deal with.  Think again!  Candida Albicans (commonly known as yeast) can live naturally in our guts in small numbers- meaning the good bacteria or microflora of your gut keep it in check.  But, if something tips the scales like a physical, chemical or emotional stressor, look out! This little fungus can turn into a nasty pathogen and throw a party in your gut and then your body - aka Systemic Candida.

Curious if this may be happening to you? Here are 5 signs you may be dealing with an overgrowth of Candida in Boulder.

5 Signs You Are Dealing With Overgrowth of Candida in Boulder CO

  • Foggy Head- You can’t think straight, you feel a bit heady and spacey, and possibly have a mild headache. Candida releases nearly 80 byproducts, one of which being the powerful neurotoxin acetaldehyde.  In addition to this crossing the blood-brain barrier, too many toxins in your system means that your liver is getting bombed and can’t keep up.  Think mild hangover.  Not fun!
  • Fatigue- Those neurotoxins and byproducts can also make you feel exhausted and bogged down. In addition, Candida is usually more active at night while you’re trying to sleep.  Although you may be catching your Zzz’s, you may not be getting the most restful type of sleep.
  • Skin Problems- If your liver gets overly taxed with toxins, those toxins find their way out of your body another way! It’s common for patients with Candida overgrowth to have red, itchy, or peeling skin, dry patches, or excessive acne.
  • Sinus Problems- Chronic sinus problems are usually a result of fungal infections like candida or mold. These pesky little buggers like to hang out in warm, dark, moist (eww, moist!)  Your sinuses are the perfect place for them to set up camp.
  • Constipation/ Diarrhea/ Excessive Gas- Is your gut acting up? Have you been on an excessive amount of antibiotics (more than 5x) in your lifetime? Have you had a bit too much alcohol and sugar? There’s a high probability that Candida is becoming a big player in your gut.  Once it’s got a good grasp (literally as it roots down into your gut lining) it then creates a “leaky gut” situation.  From here it can enter the bloodstream and boom!- you’ve got Systemic Candida.

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